Policy Management Quality and Environment

Costumer Dedication

Our COSTUMERS are the “raison d'être” of Dunamar Hotel Apartments and only a rigorous consultation on their level of satisfaction, show us the way to become a REFERENCE in the market in which we operate.

We assume the clients' PROTAGONISM as the definition of the main component of our Strategy, challengingindividual targets in the collective interest, a management based on KNOWLEDGE.

Continuous Improvement

We know that the planning and implementation of our MANAGEMENT system is the only path to Excellence, fulfilling and improving our financial objectives, operational, environmental and level of service.

Creating AUTOMATION, based on internal rules and regulations, it is of prime importance in the practical orientation of our Human Resources. We want to strengthen the hierarchies, providing the right to the continuous improvement of the system effectiveness and consequently the transmission of an image of TRUST market framework.

Rules and Legislation

We respect all the agents with whom we interact, so we want to ensure the adoption of practices to ensure compliance with the LAW and other regulations applicable to the activities.

Food Safety and Hygiene

We work every day towards achieving and maintaining high food safety standards.
We want to protect and promote the health of our customers, by adopting the best practices available in the restoration.
Prevention is our priority.

Environmental Management

The proper management of RESOURCES figure as a priority in our action, in view of the assumption of our social and environmental responsibilities and the protection of future generations.
Our commitment is to protect the ENVIRONMENT , prevent pollution and a balanced use of resources, especially WATER and ENERGY.